Vowel Sound Puzzles
Vowel Sound Puzzles for Kindergartners
Vowel Sound Puzzles for Kids
From ABCs to ACTs

Vowel Sound Puzzles

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Is your child struggling with those tricky vowel sounds? These long and short vowel puzzles make learning and practicing the various vowel sounds a breeze!

Included in the set are 10 vowel puzzles (2 for each vowel) and each puzzle contains 4 pieces.

To Use: Simply cut them out, laminate for durability, and they're ready to use. For those children that are just starting to learn their vowel sounds or are struggling with them, try starting off with a single set (Long A and Short A, for example). 

After they have mastered the first set, move onto another and work your way through until they've learned them all.

For extra practice or for those that have already learned all of the various vowel sounds, mix all of the picture pieces together and have them distinguish the vowel and the sound of each word.

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