Whether you're covering the presidents specifically or just looking for U.S. history resources, these president posters are the perfect place to start!
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President Posters

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This 40+ page printable set includes a full page (8.5 x 11) poster for each of the presidents with quick facts on every one. From the dates of their presidency to what office they held prior to becoming president.

Whether you are just starting to teach your children about the U.S. presidents or you've been learning about them for a while now, these President Posters make the perfect visual learning aid.

What's Included: All 45 U.S. Presidents are included in this 40+ page printable set.

Each of the president posters print on their own 8.5 x 11 page and include the presidents' full names, the dates of their presidencies, the office they held prior to becoming president, their political party, and the name of their vice president.

To Use: Just print the posters out to either hang on the wall for a visual reference while learning or put them into a binder with other history/president related resources.

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